Video some of our participants put together about the EI Leadership Camp


The EI leadership camp is a one-week summer training full of educational activities that empowers immigrant youth from low-income household to become leaders of today.

Camp Activities

The daily schedule is filled with a variety of activities supervised by a dedicated staff. Activities geared towards stimulating interests in math and science, leadership development, building cross-cultural competence skills, educational, and life-training skills keeps participants involved throughout the day. A typical day begins with a morning leadership or a cultural competency session for about an hour and a half. Followed by a break, a speaker comes to converse with students on leadership and/or Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, and Mental Wellness (STEAM2). Students gather and incorporate what they have learned immediately through afternoon activities and “teach back” to the whole staff and other youth; afterward, more leadership, mental wellness (STEAM2) sessions follow before dinner.

As the week advances, the students are motivated and comfortable enough to share their cultural differences and thoughts in activities such as: debriefing, “report back,” “speak easy” and group interaction. The students become reflective on their goals in life as they engage in activities and make comparative associations between home and school life regarding cultural values, goal setting, expectations and friends.


  • Enrolled in junior high and high school within the United States of America and its territories during the time Enlightened Initiative is in session.
  • 2.5 GPA or higher.
  • Must have health and accidental health insurance.
  • From a socio-economic disadvantaged background.

Dates and Costs

The EI Leadership Camp occurs annually and costs approximately $600. The cost covers lodging, meals and supplies. Travel is not included.

For exact dates and cost please contact us via email at or call to: 301-273-5866 or 202-492-7194.

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